Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poem for my Dad

One summer evening following a visit to my dad, I scribbled down these thoughts. Later, he told me he wanted something I made myself as a Christmas gift for him. I turned the poem into a painting. I'm happy to see he proudly displays it in his dining room. My dad is really an amazing person.

Here it is:

Dad tells me
I should do somersaults to stay young
He rolls across the grass

And I should invert myself every day
A necessity.
he shrugs aside my stretching
He is not convinced.

I MUST roll.

But it is a kidney punch to me.
I protest.
Attempt a cartwheel.

You should do two in a row.

He demonstrates
Critiques my off-kilter turn
and we practice
yoga poses-
challenge eachother
while the dogs interrupt.

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