Friday, June 19, 2009

The Shard Pile

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by all that I DON'T know about the people around me. We really only understand what we scratch away from each other.

I read last night in The Week that researchers have found that people literally cycle their friends every 7 years and our friendships are based more on circumstance than on real connection. Depressing or just confirmation that we really are all alike (or likable) in some way.

SOOO in a long-winded way, I bring you the art of Chris Cole. I know not much about her actually. She is a day-shift nurse in the ICU and I am a night-shifter so we meet briefly to swap patients. But I noticed one day on her locker a picture of her using the pottery wheel. I have an affinity for art. AND I also know that she lives in the middle of nowhere (where I would like to live if babysitting somehow worked out). AND I just LIKE her. AND I suppose I could analyze that one to death but it really doesn't matter.
I asked her to help me with my blog and after a couple attempts (she is not computer savvy) she sent me these picts... AND I just like them too!


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  2. My favorite part of this blog is the opportunity it gives people to open up, just a little bit... in order to share something beautiful