Saturday, July 4, 2009

Recycled Gypsy Wind-chimes

I've been wanting to assemble this for a while. I think the original idea spawned at a barbeque years ago when an aquaintance of mine had a bunch of old rusty spoons and forks hanging together in a more rustic version of the one I made.

There are a bunch of more homogenized versions and instructions of the net. My particular plan was to find interesting kitchen implements and implement them.

I've been slowly accumulating random odds and ends at thrift stores. They don't sound at all the same when you are trying to hold them and clang them together. So it's really a surprise to see what your end result willl be. This particular mix sounds great.

It's a great friendship barometer when someone comes to visit one night and you're visiting and drinking beers and suddenly you leap up and say "I have an idea! Here, help me build this!" And they're actually excited to help. Thanks Angie and Mike!

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