Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Play on words...

I am something of a grocery store connoisseur. Since I really enjoy shopping for food, ambiance and decent prices get me all a'twitter.

My favorite store in Missoula is The Orange Street Food Farm. They have great produce, the best wine and beer prices in town and above all, the local anti-chain charm that sets them apart from all the other chains we have in this big-but-doesn't-know-it town.

The employees would most likely never be hired at aforementioned chain stores... or, if they did they would be late-night stock people. Quirky would be putting it mildly... The meat man (even though I never buy meat) is my favorite. We bonded over my love for uncooked tortillas (which it turns out, he is in charge of ordering).

So today, making my usual rounds, paused to say "hi" and he grabbed these stickers for my son. apparently they ordered "Buffalo" stickers to place on prepackaged meat. Alas the request was lost in translation.

Beefola. A whole roll of neon stickers of absurdity to hand out to chirping 2-year-olds.

Just to be sure there was no meat product by this name. I Googled it.

Turns out there is something called Beefalo. Its a cross between Bison and Beef. Not apparently to be confused by Cattalo.

But Beefola is not yet in existence.