Thursday, October 22, 2009

Art of Saying Good-bye

Does anyone like goodbyes? We always say that: "I hate goodbyes."
My dear dear freind and crazy-German-girl, Ramona and I both agreed no long-drawn out misery.

I gave her a Montana belt buckle and belt to remember our fun summer and she gave me this:

When I was looking through the pictures of her trip to Alaska, I told her I wanted to paint these flowers.

She sketched them for me, instead.

The black and white is from last winter when we took my son sledding.

In the end, it was perfect; she was late for her flight and panicking (over-reacting REALLY, she had an hour) and she leapt out of the car and we exchanged quick hugs and that was it.
Later on the phone I said I miss you and love you and can we plan a trip to Alaska?

I miss her immensely.

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