Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reincarnation of a Door

I am always amazed at how many covert artists there are. So many people harbor these hidden caches of talents that they don't view as "art" and I like to discover them.

This is my not so subtle hint to you that occasionally peruse here to SEND ME YOUR STUFF.

Kelly Bryan is an artist. I think she knows. She is an amazing seamstress and makes these super-cute bags (see her blog ). So I KNEW about the bags but I was pestering her to send me some picts for this project here and she told me about her table.

She started with an old door and refinished it.

Then as appropriate for her craft, had cloth swatches placed under cut glass that filled the hollow-portion of the door itself. Cords conveniently can come up through the knob hole.

End product being an amazing table!

I plan on pestering her more for picts of her other projects...

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