Saturday, January 2, 2010

Moss Man Revisited

The holiday season was disapointingly hectic for me this year. Hence the LONG gap in posts. I always resolve not to be sucked into the commotion but then it hits and it seems inevitable. That said, I had a lot of fun making this painting for my friend Boyd. He is the sort of amazing person that makes you feel like at least there are a few solid souls in life on which you can rely.

Boyd introduced me to The Moss Man. It's an incredible story (in Outside Magazine) about a man who stayed in a hot springs so long that when they came to get him, he literally had algae growing in his back hair. Hence the title of my painting.

It turned out really great when framed and matted by the super-sweet (owner?) Cliff at Wild River Publishing Company here in Missoula. I am plugging the shop here because he was such a kind person and did a fabulous job... and cut me a deal.

If you want to check out the story of the Moss Man-and you should- just Google "Lean, Green, and Amazingly Serene." The article should pop up.

Hope you all had splendid holidays...don't forget to include me in the giving spirit...send me some of your art-finds and or creations....

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