Sunday, January 31, 2010

The "Taco" grill

One of my best friends recently bought a new truck; a Tacoma. And when Jesse showed up at my house to show off his new purchase I thought that was the end of it. Nice truck-REALLY nice truck. Then he spent the duration of his break here in the US doing random auto-junkie things to it and now it is really a work of art in of itself. He was showing me picts of various stages of the alteration process and agreed to give me the ones below.

Truly "found art"

His explanation follows.

"I took the "Tacoma" emblems that came on the sides and tail gate of my truck off to give it a cleaner look. I was replacing the stock grill with the mesh one in the photo and decided to get cute and cut the "ma" off the end of one of the emblems to make it say Taco and put it on the grill. The emblem was chrome and I was on a chrome killing mission all over the truck so I decided to paint it the body color. The silhouette you see in the picture was happenstance, I just moved it a couple of times while I was painting it and it stenciled the outline onto the cardboard. After it dried and I picked up the emblem the pattern caught my eye..."

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