Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Art in Creation of a Space

I love exploring how other people arrange their homes. I see it as sort of a window into who a person is...judgmental? Maybe. But, in general, I find I am bored by people with bare walls and new furniture.

My super-amazing and really-rather-pregnant girlfriend, Angie arranged for us to escape the Missoula grey last weekend. She made a call and away we went to Salmon, Idaho our sites set on Gold Bug Hot Springs.

Her friend Amy, has a big old house in Salmon that she has filled with antique odds and ends, random art pieces from friends, and walls that are marked with her whims. I loved it!

She left it unlocked for us and I felt deliciously voyeuristic when we got there and I was finding "my room." This wall had me at first glance. The warm yellow and contrasting grey outside and the feeling of motion she made on the wall with the silver.

And when she came home, Amy reinforced my theory that interesting people can't help but reflect that in the way they create their space.

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