Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Of Maps and Men

My friend Trevor brought me this huge map he made of Glacier National Park.

He hauled it, carefully folded, in a giant plastic garbage bag that he slung over his shoulder and biked over the back of Mount a light spring rain.
Trevor refuses to own a car (on principle). He lives wherever. He is a super-kind immensely free spirit who leaves me notes on my door when he passes through and sometimes gives me gorgeous bouquets of wild flowers. The map was mine, he said, because I have an adventurous soul (could a better compliment be given?). I am honored, especially in light of my by contrast, much more mainstream existence.
The map was so big I devoted a whole wall in my son's room to it as there were no other open spaces in the house that could accomodate such a treasure.

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  1. You have a little bugger. I love it.